This paper aims to explain the process and progress of the implementation of UPY Tracer Study. Tracer Study is a study concerning the alumni of a higher education institution. Tracer Study can provide much beneficial information for the evaluation of the results of higher education. It can be used to ensure the quality of higher education institution.

Tracer Study is also useful in providing valuable information for development of the university. Moreover Tracer Study can evaluate the relevance between higher education and working life, contribute to the accreditation process, and inform students, parents, lecturers and administrators. For this reason, Tracer Study in UPY was held by UPY Career Center every year for all study program (PRODI) since 2012.

The response rates always increase until now, 50% in 2012, 72% in 2013, 80% in 2014, 92% in 2015 and 93% in 2016, respectively. UPY Career Center always attempt to provide continuous improvements in every step/stage/aspects in the implementation: infrastructure, facilities, system, methodology, communication, publication, etc.

This paper will try to explain in detail the method of data collecting, concept and strategy of approaching, data analyzing and reporting in the implementation of UPY Tracer Study. The analysis tools used in this research are JMP7, XLSTAT and StatPlus.